Boiler Servicing

What’s the purpose of annual boiler servicing?


During use a boiler will build up deposits which may reduce the efficiency of the boiler. Without annual boiler serving you might be putting the health of you and your family at risk.

Have  you heard the expression ‘your boiler is like your car’? Your car will need an annual MOT, even if you cannot see a fault. The same happens with a boiler, there might be a problem that you cannot see. By servicing your boiler any faults can be fixed and it could save you money in the future.

In the case of all boilers it makes sense to have a regular check for safety reasons. Although modern gas and oil boilers are unlikely to have safety issues there is always a small chance that something can go wrong.

When we carry out a full boiler service we will:

  • Thoroughly clean and inspect all boiler parts and remove any deposits.

  • Check for any small leaks that could be causing corrosion within the boiler.

  • Inspect and test the flue gases for high carbon monoxide levels or any other dangerous gases .

  • Test the gas meter to ensure adequate pressures.

  • Remind you next year when the service is due.


Our boiler servicing starts at £65 + vat

We also carry out Landlord Gas Safety Inspections and gas fire servicing. Discounts are available for multiple services (i.e boiler and fire) or inspections carried out on the same visit.

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